Monday, September 10, 2012


       Yesterday the good people over at Pangea New York gave me the genuine pleasure of having some shots taken of me wearing my brand spanking new blue oxford shoes. We walked through the Urban Jungle of my home-town Bushwick , Brooklyn , New York. Here are the shots!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


   Nihily's Song is an original song which talks about a friend who has lost her way, & how lando is helping her to find her purpose in life. She's spiraled into a great depression, & has lost the will to believe in anything other than the flashy glamourous lifestyle. The female "Nihily" is the physical manifestation of nihilism the belief in nothing and no moral structure. Enjoy the first of one of my more conceptual records.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


   With a whole new creative approach taken in my music, It is without a doubt that there should also be a different take on the cover art I make as well. Nihily's Song not only marks the dawning of a brand new Lando but the introduction of meaningful cover art for my original songs. So what does the cover art for "Nihily's Song" mean?

   For starters every detail in the portrait above serves an individual purpose. Each representing an archetype prominent in the song. The girl in the fetal position represents hopelessness, The grey background represents the dull lifestyle she now leads, & The colors represent the limitless potential she has. But the colors are running, & That's where I come in. The song talks about putting her on track before it's too late, & Lastly helping her to change her now dull grey life back into it's original colorful state. 

   This song is without a doubt my most meaningful opus up to date. I cannot wait to share the song with you guys. As shown above in the photograph the expected release date of the record falls on September 7. Stay tuned.