Lando is a 20 year Aspiring American RnB/Pop Singer, who hails from Brooklyn , New York. Like many music artist before him it is his life long dream to get signed to a major recording company, & furthermore share his tales of struggle with all those who would lend an ear! His draw of inspiration stems from some of the most influential names in Pop culture; Names like , Michael Jackson , Quincy Jones , Sam Cooke KanYe West, Chris Brown , Usher , & many more. Through utilizing, & combining their innovative visions used to heal the world through song, our rising star adapted their teachings , & created an uplifting vision of his own. A Vision which will set him apart from the masses , & Bring people together like never before. Lando is currently unsigned to any record label, & takes the role of an aspiring artist. However, with a powerful voice , an intricate skill for penning music, combined with an undying passion for his craft , & lastly a work ethic that is unmatched by any other, he wishes to change this. With the people over at RnR-Management acting as his firm structural backing, his career has already begun to be set in motion. 

   This Blogspot is dedicated to documenting both the growth , & the innovativeness of this very unique artist. Here you can find everything revolving around our aspiring star. That includes , Original music , Photos , Videos, Song lyrics , Journal entries , You name it, it's here! Therefore you are strongly encouraged to subscribe to our post in order to stay in "the know." For this is one hell of an artist you're going to be talking about for generations, God forbid you miss a beat on his ever expanding career, Welcome to Lando-Was-Here, Enjoy!