Friday, April 27, 2012


       Hang out with me at my home studio ; Where I invite you in to preview my brand new original Dubstep/Acoustic track entitled "I Think I'm In Love." If ever there was a Lando track that had what it takes to impress the masses this was definitely it. I wouldn't miss this if I were you!


  Talk of Audition's spread through the streets of New York faster than a venereal disease In a room full of Harlots, Whores , & Wenches. Since this time the audition was for a chance for some lucky artist to perform at what would single handedly be known as the biggest club in NY: Club S.O.B ; The word spread even faster than that. Without a moments haste as soon as both my manager , & I heard of this opportunity we jumped on it. However it isn't finding out the about the audition that makes all the difference ; it's wowing the audience there that counts. Watch videos to see just how good I did!

Friday, April 20, 2012


  Check out my performance at sapphire lounge located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. As I take to the stage twice, First to revisit our musical roots , & incorporate african bongos to my already credible original song: "Slow Dancin," With the great drummers from Poet's , & Drums the performance proceeded with a brand new flare. A very mature crowd was present , & they loved every second of the performance. Secondly I took to the stage to bring a mood of change at the latter Hip-Hop show case that followed. Slow dance even knocked pretty hard for a younger demographic. The people my age didn't know where to place themselves when I was hitting them high notes. Here are the videos to see just how I did.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


With a multitude of record companies attending the event the stakes were set pretty high for our aspiring star. However that wouldn't be so much of a problem, whereas the good talent found in Lando always has , & always will speak for itself , & like a wolf to the moonlight that talent was howling loudly that night. Here is the memorable performance from the Pyramid Lounge on 4/9/2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


   Last nights performance at the pyramid lounge went amazingly for me. I had the opportunity to get up on that stage to pay homage to the late great Michael Jackson, Trail blaze a lane of my own when I performed my original song "Slow Dance," & lastly I had the chance to network with a multitude of important people from a variety of different record companies. Since people from Def jam , Atlantic records, Power 105.1 Fm , & Flycon entertainment were all attending I made sure to sing my heart clean out! After all I wouldn't want to disappoint my audience. In the end my hard work combined with a humble attitude , & an energetic approach paid off! Not only did I have the chance to exchange information with every exec, A&R, Artist , Stylist , Judge in the place. But I won myself a performance with power 105.1 on May 28th. I am extremely excited , & can only hope that my career continues to catapult from here on on! Brooklyn I'm going to make you proud. 

   The performance video will be up on the blog, & youtube later on tonight. So if you're interested in seeing just how good I did tune in later.