Friday, December 14, 2012


   This morning the sun rose high in the sky , & painted the skies a luminous azure for all to see. It would appear as if the birds were singing in harmonous melodies to alert me of the great news that was about to unfold.

   As I was off putting in my job application to Fed Ex, My music manager "Ricardo Rodriguez" had given me a call. He spoke with great deight, & informed me he had signed me up with The Voice. I'll be auditioning on February 17 of 2013. I'm nervous as hell. But this dream isn't going to chase itself. So with that said. I hope you all stay with me on my journey. Once again we take another turn for the better. Look out Cee-Lo you're not going to know who hit you!

Friday, November 16, 2012


   As I mentioned earlier this month I've been in the studio working hard on some new material for you all to enjoy. In this time span i've walked through vigorous winter winds, & destroyed my voice several times in the process.  Finally about a thousand horse notes , & an infinite amount of tea cups later, a brand new record was forged.  With about another week or so before the record is ready for release. I offer you the visuals of this new Lando hit above, & Poster below. Consider it a snack that'll curb you appetite for something new from me. Enjoy , & be sure to drop by to hear the song first.

Friday, October 19, 2012


   The latest addition to my original music collection, & my darkest opus yet- "Lost Angel." An unrequited love story sung over Jhene Aiko's Stranger instrumental. This dark tale of one sided love , Homicide, & effortless beauty coils over all those who have ever loved one that couldn't love them back. No doubt my greatest thrill ride yet , Enjoy!

Monday, September 10, 2012


       Yesterday the good people over at Pangea New York gave me the genuine pleasure of having some shots taken of me wearing my brand spanking new blue oxford shoes. We walked through the Urban Jungle of my home-town Bushwick , Brooklyn , New York. Here are the shots!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


   Nihily's Song is an original song which talks about a friend who has lost her way, & how lando is helping her to find her purpose in life. She's spiraled into a great depression, & has lost the will to believe in anything other than the flashy glamourous lifestyle. The female "Nihily" is the physical manifestation of nihilism the belief in nothing and no moral structure. Enjoy the first of one of my more conceptual records.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


   With a whole new creative approach taken in my music, It is without a doubt that there should also be a different take on the cover art I make as well. Nihily's Song not only marks the dawning of a brand new Lando but the introduction of meaningful cover art for my original songs. So what does the cover art for "Nihily's Song" mean?

   For starters every detail in the portrait above serves an individual purpose. Each representing an archetype prominent in the song. The girl in the fetal position represents hopelessness, The grey background represents the dull lifestyle she now leads, & The colors represent the limitless potential she has. But the colors are running, & That's where I come in. The song talks about putting her on track before it's too late, & Lastly helping her to change her now dull grey life back into it's original colorful state. 

   This song is without a doubt my most meaningful opus up to date. I cannot wait to share the song with you guys. As shown above in the photograph the expected release date of the record falls on September 7. Stay tuned.

Friday, August 31, 2012


   Check out my interview with Pangea Clothing New York, As we invite you to get more aquatinted who I am as music artist. In this video you can find answers to questions such as , what do I stand for as a music artist? Who is my greatest musical inspirations in history? & many more. Tune in by clicking the play button above. Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


   A Live collaborative video between upcoming fashion brand Pangea Clothing NYC, & Myself (Lando.) The video highlights myself , & My best friend Baron Jones performing an acapella version of my original song "Slow Dancing."All clothing Accessories, & My Camo Shirt which was featured in the video are properties of Pangea Clothing NYC. Be sure to visit Pangea's website Http:// Thank you for watching.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


   Although the song hasn't even met it's first stage of production, & there is still a few technical errors which need fixing on "brokenMIRRORS," I impatiently show you the cover art for my forthcoming record strangely entitled "Piranha Piece." I was so excited about this particular project I just had to design the cover art for the world to get a glimpse of. At this given point in time , I won't tell you too much about the record itself. But what I will say is this : It is yet another side of me not yet explored on any of my previous works. As well as a different sound not yet heard from myself. You can also expect me to toy with my words way more on this record as opposed to the others made before hand. I utilize both my singing voice , & Lyrical rapping skills on the song in question. "Piranha Piece" is expected to be released two weeks from now. So settle in because we still have time before you're able to see what the fuss is about. However more as things develop.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


 Check out my performance at the legendary Club S.O.Bs in Manhattan. As I perform "SLOW DANCIN", & compete with some of New York's most talented artist. It was here on this very stage where i begun to start to live out my dreams of becoming an established artist. As expressed in the video performing at Club S.O.Bs was a huge milestone in my expanding career, & I just felt blessed to experience it , & share my voice with all who came out to support that night.

Monday, May 14, 2012


 After about a month without being on the studio scene I break the silence with my original record "I Think I'm In Love." The song discusses the indecisiveness that comes hand , & hand with or without knowing if you're in love with someone. This upbeat Dub-step/Pop track is just in time for the young romance that will pervade along with the summer season. Without further ado I give you my brand new original music ; Enjoy #TeamLando

Friday, April 27, 2012


       Hang out with me at my home studio ; Where I invite you in to preview my brand new original Dubstep/Acoustic track entitled "I Think I'm In Love." If ever there was a Lando track that had what it takes to impress the masses this was definitely it. I wouldn't miss this if I were you!


  Talk of Audition's spread through the streets of New York faster than a venereal disease In a room full of Harlots, Whores , & Wenches. Since this time the audition was for a chance for some lucky artist to perform at what would single handedly be known as the biggest club in NY: Club S.O.B ; The word spread even faster than that. Without a moments haste as soon as both my manager , & I heard of this opportunity we jumped on it. However it isn't finding out the about the audition that makes all the difference ; it's wowing the audience there that counts. Watch videos to see just how good I did!

Friday, April 20, 2012


  Check out my performance at sapphire lounge located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. As I take to the stage twice, First to revisit our musical roots , & incorporate african bongos to my already credible original song: "Slow Dancin," With the great drummers from Poet's , & Drums the performance proceeded with a brand new flare. A very mature crowd was present , & they loved every second of the performance. Secondly I took to the stage to bring a mood of change at the latter Hip-Hop show case that followed. Slow dance even knocked pretty hard for a younger demographic. The people my age didn't know where to place themselves when I was hitting them high notes. Here are the videos to see just how I did.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


With a multitude of record companies attending the event the stakes were set pretty high for our aspiring star. However that wouldn't be so much of a problem, whereas the good talent found in Lando always has , & always will speak for itself , & like a wolf to the moonlight that talent was howling loudly that night. Here is the memorable performance from the Pyramid Lounge on 4/9/2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


   Last nights performance at the pyramid lounge went amazingly for me. I had the opportunity to get up on that stage to pay homage to the late great Michael Jackson, Trail blaze a lane of my own when I performed my original song "Slow Dance," & lastly I had the chance to network with a multitude of important people from a variety of different record companies. Since people from Def jam , Atlantic records, Power 105.1 Fm , & Flycon entertainment were all attending I made sure to sing my heart clean out! After all I wouldn't want to disappoint my audience. In the end my hard work combined with a humble attitude , & an energetic approach paid off! Not only did I have the chance to exchange information with every exec, A&R, Artist , Stylist , Judge in the place. But I won myself a performance with power 105.1 on May 28th. I am extremely excited , & can only hope that my career continues to catapult from here on on! Brooklyn I'm going to make you proud. 

   The performance video will be up on the blog, & youtube later on tonight. So if you're interested in seeing just how good I did tune in later.