Thursday, May 24, 2012


 Check out my performance at the legendary Club S.O.Bs in Manhattan. As I perform "SLOW DANCIN", & compete with some of New York's most talented artist. It was here on this very stage where i begun to start to live out my dreams of becoming an established artist. As expressed in the video performing at Club S.O.Bs was a huge milestone in my expanding career, & I just felt blessed to experience it , & share my voice with all who came out to support that night.


  1. Oh my! When you sang at that high pitch towards the end of the video my panties were instantly drenched. Like wow! that was fucking sexy yo and sorry about being on anon I didn't want to sign in with a profile or w.e

  2. Not to sure what honey up here is talking about ^ but I do think you sing really well. Please don't stop pursuing your dreams you got this Lando!

  3. You're amazing both in , & out of the studio

  4. That same night I do believe we met on the train! I was wearing my favorite sneakers .You're amazing!! You made us huge fans!

    1. Ahhh yes it was the same night. You were the incredibly fashionable make-up artist who was wearing the Isabel Marant sneakers! It's such a pleasure to hear back from you. By the way when you say "You made us huge fans" who is it you're referencing to?

  5. The sound quality is pretty crappy. You would think since it's S.O.Bs they would have their stuff together. Still good job I guess.