Sunday, August 12, 2012


   Although the song hasn't even met it's first stage of production, & there is still a few technical errors which need fixing on "brokenMIRRORS," I impatiently show you the cover art for my forthcoming record strangely entitled "Piranha Piece." I was so excited about this particular project I just had to design the cover art for the world to get a glimpse of. At this given point in time , I won't tell you too much about the record itself. But what I will say is this : It is yet another side of me not yet explored on any of my previous works. As well as a different sound not yet heard from myself. You can also expect me to toy with my words way more on this record as opposed to the others made before hand. I utilize both my singing voice , & Lyrical rapping skills on the song in question. "Piranha Piece" is expected to be released two weeks from now. So settle in because we still have time before you're able to see what the fuss is about. However more as things develop.


  1. Hopefully this will be the track where you break free of your generic strong hold. You have the potential to be such an amazing artist. Don't settle for commercial songs anymore. Take this world by storm. Tell your story in ways unheard of before. I know you can do it Lando!

    1. Oh , by the way this art is seriously saying something. I'm excited just looking at it. Can't wait! #TeamLando <3.<3

  2. Is That Mya Diamond swimming in the water?

  3. Swag! the title is super dope. can't wait to hear it.